Rockbilly & Vintage 1940s & 1950s Inspired Clothing for Modern Day Pinup Girls!
Manufactured the UK!


A Short History Of Miss Fortune



"I came up with the concept of Miss Fortune in 2005. At first I was just working from my garage, hand making a small selection of rockabilly clothing, selling though my website and online auction sites.

I got out of education in 2006 and began to set up the business on a bigger scale, in 2007 I got my first premises and began taking wholesale orders from shops in the UK and Europe in early 2008.

In the following years I expanded wholesale, selling in shops as far afield as New Zealand and the USA.

The styling may have evolved subtly over the years but all my clothing has always been made in the UK, I use a small manufactures in Leicester.  In recent years I have gone back to my roots, offering some made to order handmade garments as well as the manufactured ones"

- Laura, Miss Fortune [15/12/17]


photo of Miss Fortune Lurex top

Miss Fortune on a bus!

Wearing my handmade lurex wrap top - 2017
Wearing my handmade Hawaiian print skirt at a friends wedding - 2016

In July 2015 : 10th birthday of Miss Fortune!

Click the image below for a blog post with stories and photos from those first 10 years!

10 years of Miss Fortune Blog



I also filmed a little behind the scenes tour of our office here in the United kingdom:

 (I have since moved from this office but it gives you a flavor!)


Design & Concept:



"The inspiration for my designs comes from all over the place, sometimes I am just inspired by an interesting fabric or trim I find. I am also inspired by people that I know, I like to design my outfits with someone I know in mind, I think "what would they look great in?" and I try to design something for them, something that complements their style or figure. I think designing with real people in mind makes my clothing more appealing and practical. I also look at pictures from the forties and fifties for inspiration and sometimes I put certain music on to help me design a certain style of garment.

I try to design my clothes to suit a range of figures and I am focused on flattering the figure and making the most of a girls curves! I always try to use the best quality fabric that I can and I am very concerned about providing good quality garments that are worth the money. I really want to make people happy with my clothing so I often take peoples suggestions on board about what problems they have with clothing and what types of clothing they have trouble finding, I love to chat to customers on  Facebook & Instagram about upcoming designs and what they would like to see"
- Laura, Miss Fortune [15/12/2017]

Pinterest is a great place to source inspiration these days, check out our boards at:




Photo of inspiration, rockabilly, psychobilly


 Photo of original Miss Fortune outfit

A pile of possible sources of inspiration in the studio!

Pretty much the first outfit I designed for Miss Fortune!
Photo by: Natalie J Watts.
Copyright 2007
Model: Miss Zara Ann.



Answers To Question People Often Ask



Q. What is your educational background?
Varied! I started off studying architecture but despite my love of buildings I had a change of heart and switched to a degree in Sustainable Design & Practice (Eco 3D Design to you and I!), after making some stage costumes for my final piece I decided fashion was the way forward and followed up my degree with an HND in Fashion Technology!


Q. Is your clothing handmade / Where is your clothing made?
Some garments are hand made to order and the rest are manufactured in the UK.


Q. Do you do custom made clothing/custom sizing for your designs?
A. On items that are made to order I can sometimes do customs sizes and other customisation. 


Q. Do you offer work experience placements?
Unfortunately, I am unable to take people on for work experience. I hate to turn people away but I won't do it unless I can be sure we could offer a good experience where people would actually learn something useful, not just get stuck making the tea or doing some photocopying! At this time the premises is too small and I am too busy to give the time required to make a good placement.


Q. Are you looking for any new models/bloggers?
A. If you are interested in shooting Miss Fortune clothing for your blog or social accounts please contact me with links to your blog/social accounts. I do need you to have a reasonable number of followers for it to be worth my while though.  I don't use any models under the age of 18.



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