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  Selling Miss Fortune:  


We will begin to close the wholesale side of Miss Fortune from March 2016!

However, you can still apply for a wholesale account! 

We are still taking orders!

From March 2016 onwards we will have limited new stock and most stock will go on to clearance.
We will be taking wholesale orders until our back stock is cleared.  

We can not say at this time how long that will take.


If you would like to sell Miss Fortune in your shop or on your website you need to apply to be a wholesale customer using application the form below.  We will then set your wholesale account up for you and email a confirmation.

  Wholesale Account:  
  Once you have an account you can buy online and also access other information relevant to wholesale customers in our wholesale area.

Terms & Condtions for Wholesale:

Before applying to be a wholesale customer please make sure you have red our Terms & Conditions.


View the Wholesale Terms & Conditions Here

By filling out the from below you are agreeing to join our mailing list and having an online account set up for your business. 

Wholesale Application Form
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Our wholesale terms and conditions etc can be found by clicking the link below pl